Massage practice with all kind of massages

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Soothing regeneration, gentle relaxation with medical knowledge. The massage practice includes all application possibilities and classic treatment methods.

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Massage practice

Our on-site massage practice offers:


(also family doctor prescription)           

Massages of all kinds
Manual lymph drainage
Large massages with movement exercises
Underwater massages
Connective tissue massage

Dry gymnastics, movement exercises

Heat therapy
Partial bath with natural peloids (natural mud)
Hot air treatment, infrared radiation

Cold therapy
Ice packs 

Stangerbad, interference therapy
with ozone

Health resort treatment
(Health resort prescription, health resort doctor)
These treatments can only be prescribed as part of an outpatient preventive care service.

Special joint massages
Special hip treatment

Heat therapy
Heat pack with natural peloids
(Natural mud), also mud application

Cold therapy


Dorn method

20 min. 30,00
Breuss Massage20 min. 30,00

Full massage

40 min. 32,00
Foot reflexology therapy40 min. 33,00
Migraine therapy20 min. 33,00

Centre for physical therapy and health resort treatment

Centre for physical therapy and health resort treatment


 Outpatient preventive care - physiotherapy - massage - lymphatic drainage - natural mud - med. baths

94072 Bad Füssing - Egglfing, Blumenstrasse 5a

Phone: 08537-9195633 - Fax: 08537-9195956

E-Mail: physiopraxis-fuchst-onlinede

Our offers

  • 3 x back massage
  • 3 x natural mud on a waterbed
98,00 €

  • 2 x full body massage with natural mud on a water bed, for 2 people
210,00 €

  • 1 x Dorn-Breuss therapy
  • 2 x full body massage with natural mud on a water bed
150,00 €