A way to outpatient preventive care service (open or outpatient health resort treatment)

First of all, you should see your doctor or medical specialist (orthopaedist).

They will submit a written application for outpatient benefits to your health insurance company for you.

In addition to a detailed diagnosis and an expected positive impact prognosis, this application must also contain a special reference to positive effects of our "Bad Füssinger healing water" on your clinical picture.

You can obtain application forms from your health insurance company or from our therapists and health resort doctors.

These applications can be submitted every year, especially if your health state has been worsened since your last stay at our place, or a new illness has occurred.

If approved, you will receive a so-called health resort doctor's certificate from your health insurance company and a confirmation of cost coverage for all health resort treatments prescribed by the health resort doctor. The health insurance company must process this application within 21 days.

In addition to all kind of treatments, these therapeutic treatments include e.g. massages, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, etc. also health resort -specific treatments (health resort treatment), in our case thermal water and natural mud packs.

In addition, the health insurance company pays a package allowance or up to EUR 13 per day and per person for accommodation, meals, visitor's tax and travel expenses.

According to the new guidelines for therapeutic treatment, you only have to pay 10% of your treatment costs and a one-time prescription fee of 10 euros. There are no medical fees.

Often it turns out that if the application is rejected, a written objection achieves the desired success, and the outpatient benefit is then provided.

If, contrary to expectations, your application is not approved, your family doctor has, of course, the option of prescribing treatments within the current valid therapeutic treatment guidelines for you..

Of course, this also applies to doctors, based at the health resort.

It goes without saying that the responsibility for prescription of these treatments takes your attending doctor (including health resort doctor). The selected amount and form of therapy should be prescribed upon your clinical picture.